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About Us

  • Presenter Products, Inc. is headquartered in Southern Arizona, twenty miles south of Tucson.
  • All of our products are shipped from a warehousing center.
  • To support our customers, we offer warehousing, drop shipping (in any quantity).
  • Our newest system is the ChargeMaster 30. This low cost system features removable baskets, eliminating the requirement for moving the cabinet. Charging is automatic and controlled, and the unit will never draw more than 15 amps.
  • Our first product was the Accentuator, used for editing and controlling PowerPoint presentations. This low cost hand held controller provides access to presentations via a small thumb drive that is included with the product.
  • Our second family of products includes the PowerBank 10 and PowerBank 20 systems. They are modular, and can be combined to provide ten to forty units.
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